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What To Consider When Choosing Senior Dog Food For Your Older Pet

Wesley Dunton
April 23, 2018

Senior dog food is an important choice for many pet owners to consider when their dog is entering its golden years. Regardless of your senior pet’s size, you should always choose a reputed natural senior dog food brand that can offer premium quality food for your older dog.

It's important to remember to ensure that you choose antioxidant fortified food which can help you support a healthy immune system.

Now that your dog is starting to get older, there are a few things that will change inevitably. Yes, of course, they will still remain your best friend. But, just like with us humans, his/her health needs will start to change and no longer be the same.

So if you are wondering when to start feeding senior dog food to your four-legged friend, and what is the best choice, no worries, here’s all you need to know!

It goes without saying that as your dog gets older, his/her dietary and nutritional needs will start changing. Instead of feeding him his usual food, you should switch him/her to a pet food ideal for senior dogs.

Whether your pet has just entered its golden years or has been sporting grey hair for a time, feeding them frozen raw dog food can be the ideal way to meet its nutritional requirements.

All you need to know about feeding high-quality raw food to your senior dog.

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When Should You Start Feeding Senior Dog Food To Your Pet?

Though every dog ages in its own way it can sometimes be difficult to know when to make the switch to senior dog food, but as a good guide, when your dog is around seven, he may start experiencing some internal changes. Depending on his breed, he may or may not show any external sign of ageing.

This is the time when your pet’s activity will begin slowing down since his metabolism starts decreasing around this time. Even his brain may become less efficient, leading to memory problems.

Thus, it is around the age of seven when you may think about exploring the senior dog food varieties that will suit and switching them to a good dog foods brand that specialises in offering food for older dogs.

Also remember to make sure that you are giving your dog the correct amount of food per day, if you are unsure then try our our Online Raw Dog Food Calculator to determine exactly what your woof needs to keep them healthy and happy.

Below is a useful list of things to look out for and understand before you make the choice for your four-legged friend.

What To Look For When Choosing A Natural Dog Food Brand For Your Senior Dog?

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  1. Enhanced Botanical Oil: Feeding senior dog food which has enhanced botanical oils in them can help your older dog to think more like what they did when they were younger. Several studies have shown that addition of modified plant-based oils such as coconut oil to a senior dog’s diet can be highly beneficial. These botanical oils help in promoting mental sharpness and alertness.
    1. Lower Calories: Once your pet starts gaining weight, switch him to a proven weight-loss formula which is bulked up with a low-calorie and healthy fiber. This way, it will still receive almost the same quantity of kibble. Look for senior dog foods which come with reduced caloric density and have higher levels of other ingredients which can help pets when they start aging.
    1. Antioxidants: Since you now know everything about natural dog food, what are you still here for? Quickly approach a leading dog food manufacturer and bring home the best senior dog food for your beloved dog!

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