How a dogs Diet can be related to their behaviour

There can be many different things that can affect a dog’s behavior however one that definitely stands out is diet. It is easy to change a dog’s diet and the results can be outstanding.

Kibble/dog biscuits tends to be high in carbs, low in protein and can be packed full of harmful chemicals. Dogs should be fed a Biologically appropriate diet; it is only in the last 100 years that we have started to feed them kibble but what has not been taken into account is the fact their digestive system is still the same as it was thousands of years ago, dogs stomachs are not designed to digest grain.

The meat that is generally used in kibble is ‘meal’ which is meat not fit for human consumption with only 5-10% moisture in comparison to 70% moisture in raw food. It is no wonder that some dogs end up with behavioral issues when they are not getting all the meat, nutrients and veg that they were designed to consume. Kibble is naturally grey however when you buy it, it is a darker brown colour meaning manufacturers are actually using dye in their products. There is plenty of information relating bad behavior to food colouring in humans but it is now thought to be linked to bad behavior in dogs too.

There are so many reasons why feeding Raw is best but in regards to dogs behavior I would like to give my own story of a dog whose life was changed by Benyfit Natural Raw food.

Spot was rescued by a close friend of ours at Benyfit Natural and she was quite a nervous wreck, she was very thin and would not allow men to come near her. She would snap at young children or anyone who touched her ears and she was a generally a very unhappy dog. We swapped her to Benyfit Natural Raw food as we knew that it would help her to sustain a healthy weight but we were also confident that her behavior would be improved with our raw food diet. The changes in her were remarkable, not only did her coat become visibly shinier she now sustains a perfect weight and is no longer nervous or scared of men. She is a completely different dog, 6 months later and you would not recognize her, we did not change anything else in her life other than the food she eats and a bit more love and attention.

Ben Van Praagh
Ben Van Praagh


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