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Give a Dog a Bone: Benyfit Natural’s New Tasty Treat Range

Nicola Withers
May 06, 2020

Here at Benyfit Natural we love working on new products and raw dog food ideas for you and your woofs. There’s nothing we enjoy more than hearing about how much your dogs enjoy their food and so we’ve come up with a new range of raw bones for dogs to tantalise taste buds and excite your hungry hounds.

The raw meaty Bones range has nine new tasty treats for your woof to try. Not only can you give the raw bones as a treat or reward, but you can feed them alongside an existing raw dog food diet.

We are so excited about launching this range and consider them to be the best raw bones for dogs that you could hope to buy for your four-legged friend

The Benefits of Raw Bones For Dogs

The Benefits of Raw Bones For Dogs

A lot of people wonder if bones are good for dogs, of course they are, as long as they are not cooked. Raw bones have several benefits for our canine chums.

  • The action of chewing raw meaty bones can be very calming for dogs. You may have lost items of clothing to dogs who have chewed them because they’re bored. Give them something they’re allowed to chew and help to soothe their minds and keep them physically active.  
  • Raw dog bones help to clean teeth by reducing plaque build-up . Cleaning your dog’s teeth isn’t the easiest job in the world and it’s much easier to find a natural way to do this, such as raw bone. A raw dog food diet is full of enzymes that fight bacteria and including raw meaty bones brings the added bonus of keeping teeth and gums healthy.
  • Bones are packed full of nutrients. The calcium within the bone can help with your own dog’s bone structure, as well as being beneficial for the heart, blood, muscles and vision. The minerals in the raw bones and the connective tissue and meat on the bone will help your dog’s skin and coat. And the marrow and cartilage are great sources of collagen.

The Benyfit Natural Raw Dog Bones Range

The Benyfit Natural Raw Dog Bones Range

Our new meaty Bones range consists of nine tasty raw treats with different sizes and levels of hardness to suit all dogs. The whole range is ethically sourced from our sustainable Defra-approved UK suppliers. All freshly frozen and delivered frozen, ready to store in the freezer and thaw as required.

  1. Beef Chunks - raw meaty chunks made from human-grade, protein-rich meat.
  2. Chicken Carcass - crunchy, delicious and low fat.
  3. Duck Necks - a combination of textures and high in protein.
  4. Duck Wings - little soft raw snacks with a big nutritional punch.
  5. Goose Necks - soft and tasty, consisting of bone, cartilage and connective tissue.
  6. Beef Marrow Bones - raw and meaty goodness for serious chewers.
  7. Moon Bone - beef cartilage from the shoulder joint. Ideal for tough chewers.
  8. Ox Heart Chunks - rich and flavoursome, packed with super nutrients.
  9. Turkey Necks - bone, cartilage and connective tissue, all in one delicious treat.

Feeding of raw bones should be supervised, especially raw bones for puppies – don’t leave your dog on their own with a bone. And only an appropriately sized bone for your dog should ever be given.

Any uneaten bone should be discarded after 24 hours to avoid them becoming brittle and splintering and to counteract bacteria build up. Although we doubt there’ll be much left behind!

How to Order the New Raw Bones Range

The new Bones range is available now for you and your woofs to buy and try. Take a look at the Raw Treats and Bones page on our website. You can add them to your order and if you are part of our Subscription scheme, you can add them to your regular subscription as well.

Alternatively, call our Customer Services team on 01892 770188 who will be only too happy to help with your order and advise on the best bones for your dog.

We’d love to know what you and your woofs think about the new Bones – and if you’ve got any photos of chomping in action, please share them with us on Facebook @benyfitnatural or on Instagram on @benyfitnatural.

Nicola WithersBenyfit Natural News Editor
Nicola is the very proud owner of Milo, the Working Cocker Spaniel. Together they traverse the woodlands and forests of Kent, chasing squirrels and rabbits (mainly Milo). Nicola keeps Milo in top working order by feeding him Benyfit Natural and there’s never a scrap left in his bowl.
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