5 Festive tips to keep your dog healthy this Christmas!

1. Avoid feeding Christmas cake or mince pies (as raisins and grapes) can in some cases be toxic and at worst cause kidney failure.

2. Wrap up shorthaired dogs, (and those that are young or old), with a nice warm jacket, if you are walking outside in cold weather.

3. Wash your dog’s feet if they have been walking on gritted pavements. The salt can irritate paws.

4. Don’t feed Christmas dinner leftovers as human food can be too rich for dogs and can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Especially avoid cooked bones, as they are dangerous!

5. Chocolate can cause real problems for dogs, as they are very sensitive to the theobromine, and in a dog can act like an overdose of caffeine.

Ben Van Praagh
Ben Van Praagh


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